DIO offerings a customized strategy based on the client’s goals. The campaigns are built on a solid optimization, syndication and promotion through Universal search channels, to help companies reach their target audiences online.

Communications Consultancy

A communications consultancy with European roots which creates and implements communications strategies for private and public sector organisation around the World.

Multimedia content and Social Media sharing are the tools to improve your business. DIO can help ensure that your company is quickly positioned across the search spectrum through blogs, text, RSS, audio, video, images and more.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is a relatively new industry but has been brought to the forefront of professionals’ consciousness due to the overwhelming and many times unpredictable nature of both professional journalistic content and amateur user-generated content (or UGC), the latter of which there is far more, and not the least because of the wide number websites that offer such an opportunity to visitors, typically with very low barriers to entry–often just by creating a screen name, registering one’s birthday and a geographical location, and providing a valid email address to complete the account-creation process.

Thus, the type of online content monitored in ORM spans professional, journalism sponsored by traditional news and media giants as well as user-created and user-generated blogs, ratings, reviews, and comments, and all manner of specialized websites about any particular subject, be it a person, group, company, business, product, event, concept, or trend.

Search Marketing Services

  • International Search Engine Optimization
  • Comprehensive SEO Site Audit
  • Online Reputation Management

B2B Social Media Marketing Services

  • Social Media Site Audit
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Paid Ad Campaigns

  • Text and Banner Ads
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns

Link Development Services

  • Link Development Campaigns
  • Online Press Optimization
  • Article Marketing