DIO Hosting is totally focused and experienced in managing solutions for customers, from simple web servers to complex online applications and email solutions. Guaranteed complete network and infrastructure uptime and many other business-critical support features. We are a service orientated company. The best service company your business has ever interacted with.

DIO Hosting offerings a customized solutions based on the client’s goals. The flexibility to choose what services customers need to tailor their hosting environment. When you are looking to host your server you are to consider not only the price and resources provided but also the platform offered by your hosting company. We offer excellent solutions at competitive prices.

Shared Hosting

The ideal solution for individuals and small business owners, where the budget of website being up and running is an issue of equal importance with reliability and performance. DIO Hosting is different to other providers, we are the best service company your business has ever interacted with.

VPS Hosting

Our VPS servers provide the best full virtualization in industry. The VPS hosting gives you more control and enhanced performance. This is received by the adequate allotment of system resources. When you are looking to host your VPS server you are to consider the virtualization platform offered. We offer excellent VPS solutions at competitive prices.

Dedicated Hosting

The ideal solution for companies needing a dedicated server with customised managed services, backed up by our support team. All servers have redundant power supply and network connection to the top carriers that means that your servers are always powered and always online. For sites requiring more power than what traditional hosting can provide, a dedicated server is usually the better solution.

Cloud Hosting

The Cloud computing provides IT on demand, giving you the flexibility to scale your IT up and down in line with your business. This means that you don’t incur IT costs in advance of expected demand. Simply scaling up the cloud infrastructure when you’re sure that demand is real, with the capability to turn on a server within minutes, running the operating system of your choice and the flexibility to reboot or delete the server in a snap.