So Real it's Scary - Viral LG Commercial

So Real it’s Scary – Viral LG Commercial

The prank itself is fake. They didn’t put monitors into an elevator and scare people. Simply they filmed actors on green screen, then filled in the floor dropping later. Basically they faked a prank, hoping it would go viral.

As LG IPS Monitor features consistency and less changes in colour temperature, it offers a colour impression identical to that of the original image.

The 3D rendering of the elevator shaft changes perspective with the different camera angles. That’s impossible to do if it were really on LCD panels and at 1:26 you can see a green screen reflection on the hand rail. So the people on the elevator are actors and we were unable to see if the LG’s Monitors are really good.

Props to the people pointing out the fraud. Who was just watching for the elevator prank didn’t even notice that. I know they didn’t say the prank was real, but we all know what they expected us to think.

Even if fake this is a great idea to do!